The Lewis Carroll Society of Japan

The Lewis Carroll Sociery of Japan was founded in 1994. The society aims to be a centre of the study of Lewis Carroll and his works, and to be a hub among people who love Lewis Carroll's works.

The forthcoming meeting

Title: September Meeting
Date: 28 Sep 2019
Place: Tokyo
Subject: Roundtable Discussion: My Favourite Japanese Translation of Through the Looking-Glass


Annual Convention (in late October or early November)
Regular Meetings (in January, March, May and September: in Tokyo)
Summer Party (in July: in Tokyo): to celebrate the "Golden Afternoon" on 4 July, 1862
Christmas Party (in Tokyo)
Quarterly newsletters
Annual Jouranls (written in Japanese and English)
English Journals (not regularly)


Lewis Carroll Society of Japan
c/o Professor Akira Mimura
Department of Language,
Faculty of Foreign Studies,
Teikyo University
Otsuka 359, Hachioji-city, Tokyo

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President: Izumi Yasui


Auditor: Yoko Takahashi

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