The Lewis Carroll Society of Japan

The Lewis Carroll Society of Japan was founded in 1994. The society aims to be a centre of the study of Lewis Carroll and his works, and to be a hub among people who love Lewis Carroll's works.


Meetings for 2024 (Place: Tokyo and/or web)
January Meeting (on 27th Jan)
February Web Book Club (on 17th Feb)
March Web Meeting (on 30th Mar)
April Web Book Club (Apr)
May Meeting (on 25th May)
June Web Book Club (Jun)
Golden Afternoon Tea-Party (on 6th Jul)
August Web Book Club (Aug)
September Meeting (on 28th Sep)
The 29th Annual Convention (on 26th Oct)
November Web Book Club (Nov)
Christmas Party (on 14th Dec)
Quarterly newsletters
Annual Journals (written in Japanese and English)
English Journals (not regularly)


The Lewis Carroll Society of Japan
c/o Professor Akira Mimura
Department of Language,
Faculty of Foreign Studies,
Teikyo University
Otsuka 359, Hachioji-city, Tokyo

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Committee members

President: Izumi Yasui


Auditor: Yasuko Togari

Extraordinary Executives Regional Coordinator
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